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Some insurance plans will pay for lactation services.  Click the Lactation Network button below to see if your insurance covers the visits. Through Lactation Network, you will be initially covered for 6 visits.  More visits can be approved if needed.  

If your insurance is not approved, please ask about our cash discount.

Clinical Breastfeeding Support
About 90 minutes

The Birth of a Parent Class
2 hours

Are you struggling with breastfeeding?  Does your baby have trouble latching?  Do you have sore nipples or breasts?  Are there concerns

about infant weight gain?  Is your baby having too few wet or dirty diapers?  Are you experiencing other issues?  I can help.  Call today

to schedule an appointment.  - 661-398-6951

There is so much to know about having a baby.  Not just the delivery, not just the breastfeeding, not even the diaper changing and bathing.  So many fears of parenting can be overcome by understanding your baby's needs.  Come join our experienced educator as we discuss normal newborn behaviors, what to expect in the first year of life and normal parenting fears and anxiety.   Transition into parenthood smoothly.  

Prenatal Breastfeeding Education Class
2.5 hours 

You are eagerly awaiting the birth of your baby, but you are worried you do not know enough about breastfeeding.  You plan to "try" breastfeeding, but everyone says it is so hard.  Come join our prenatal breastfeeding class to give you the skills and confidence you need to successfully breastfeed your baby.   Bring a support person or 2.   Always great to have someone there that will be helping you after you have delivered.   

Concierge Lactation Services

Are you struggling with breastfeeding and just feel like you need more than a 90 minute or 2 hour consult?  Concierge services provide an in-home lactation visit that lasts about 5 hours.  Our board-certified lactation consultant will come to your home and stay for about 5 hours assisting you every time your baby needs to eat.  This includes latch and positioning help, education and support. If your infant had a tongue tie release and you need reassurance and assistance that the stretches are being done correctly, this is the lactation service for you.   Some families find this is the best way for them to get the help they need.  

Concierge lactation services are not covered by insurance.  Cash, debit, credit, Venmo and Zelle are accepted.  Payment must be made in advance of the visit.  $1000.00 for 5 hours in the Bakersfield area.  Call 661-398-6951 for more information or book online today.  

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